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Interactive Sorting in SSRS Reports

Interactive Sorting  in SSRS Reports

Many times you have requirement like clicking on column names or legend name will sort the complete column in either ascending order or descending order or if its is a value field then sort them alphabetically
This is what we call as Interactive sorting in SSRS Report.

Steps to Perform Interactive sorting in Your Report
Assuming that i have a report with Column Name EmpName displaying all columns Name

Select your EmpName Column -Right click on text box
-Text Box properties
-Interactive Sorting tab
-Check box-Enable Interactive Sorting on this textbox
Checkbox-Detail Row
sort by-EmployeeName or clicking Fx-Field!EmployeeName.value
Apply this Sortingto-"YourdatasetName"

Below ScreenShot showing all Properties.
Click ok 
Preview the Report 
Clicking on EmployeeName column Header will Sort the report alphabatically.

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