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Interview Questions on SQL Server

This post will be helpful to all the SQL Server Developers who are looking for change or wanted to build their carrier in SQL Server.

Below interview questions will help you out to crack interviews in SQL Server irrespective of how much experience you have
  1. Difference between Clustered Index and Non Clustered Index?
  2. What is Column Store Index?
  3. Difference between Primary, foreign and unique key?
  4. Difference between Function, SP and view?
  5. What are Joins, Explain all type of joins with an example?
  6. Difference between CTE, Temp Table and Table variable?
  7. Difference between Delete, Drop and Truncate?
  8. Best ways to optimise your Stored Procedure?
  9. Why to use SP when you can directly write the SQL Query?
  10. What is Trigger, where you have used Trigger?
  11. What is Cursor, did you ever used Cursor, why to avoid cursor, Alternate of Cursor?
  12. Best optimization techniques and Performance tuning in SQL?
  13. What is covered Index and Filtered Index?
  14. What is Normalisation, Type of Normalisation, Your Project DB is in which normalised form and why?
  15. What is Data ware house?
  16. What is Data Mart?
  17. Difference between Database, Data ware house and Data Mart?
  18. What are facts and dimension?
  19.  Difference between SQL 2005, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014 and 2016?
  20. Ranking Functions in SQL with difference between Row-number,Rank and Dense Rank ?
  21. Pivoting and UnPivoting of Data in SQL?
  22. Difference type of Isolation's level in SQL and their use?
  23. What is deadlock,blocking and dirty Read ?
  24. Different type of System database and their usage?
  25. Different type of locks in SQL ?
  26. What is materialised view with an example?
  27. What is the difference between Union and Union All, which is good for optimization?
  28. What are transactions, How you are doing transactions in your's sp ?
  29. What are ACID Properties with an example of each property ?
  30. Common SQL queries
  • Delete Duplicates
  • Max Salary Department Wise
  • 2nd Highest Salary
  • Recursive CTE Code
  • Update Gender Column Male to Female and Female to Male
There are lots of other questions also that an Interviewer can ask these are just the common question in most of the companies.Hope these questions will help you out.All the best.