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Interview Questions on SSRS

This post will be helpful to all the SSRS Developers who are looking for change or wanted to build their carrier in SQL Server Reporting Services.

Below interview questions will help you out to crack interviews in SQL Server Reporting Services irrespective of how much experience you have
  1. What is the difference between SSRS 2005, SSRS 2008,2012, 2014 & SSRS 2016? 
  2. What is Sub Report, How to Pass Main Report Parameter to sub Report? 
  3. What is Dashboard, how to create Dashboard in SSRS ? 
  4. Explain what is the difference between Tabular and Matrix report? 
  5. What is the difference between Drill Down and Drill through Report? 
  6. How many ways you can deploy a Report in Report Server? 
  7. What is difference between Report Server in Native Mode vs Report Server in Share point mode? 
  8. What is Report Server db and Report Server temp DB? 
  9. What is the difference between IIF and Switch condition? 
  10. How to apply Alternate Colour on Rows in SSRS? 
  11. Can we write custom code in SSRS ? IF yes then why and where we can write? 
  12. What is Linked Report and its usage? 
  13. What is the difference between Report Server and Report Manager? 
  14. Difference between Query Parameter and Report Parameter? 
  15. What is the use of list in SSRS with an example ? 
  16. What is caching and Snapshot in SSRS, what is the difference between them? 
  17. What are subscriptions and Type of subscriptions? 
  18. How to find longest running Reports ? 
  19. How to debug Reports which are taking lots of time to Preview? 
  20. What is cascading of Parameters in SSRS? 
  21. Does changing the Parameter order will affect the Report ? 
  22. Report builder and it’s usage ? 
  23. Difference type of charts in SSRS, Can we plot secondary Y axis in the chart? 
  24. What are the different types of data sources in SSRS? 
  25. What is document map in SSRS?
There are lots of other questions also that an Interviewer can ask these are just the common question in most of the companies.Hope these questions will help you out.All the best. 

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