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Interview Questions on SSIS

This post will be helpful to all the SSIS Developers who are looking for change or wanted to build their carrier in SQL Server Integration Services.

Below interview questions will help you out to crack interviews in SQL Server Integration Services irrespective of how much experience you have

1. What is Control flow and Data flow in SSIS?
2. SSIS Architecture
3. Current SSIS Project your working on, can you create a diagram showing control flow of your SSIS package?
4. Best ways to optimize your SSIS Package?
5. Difference between Merge and Union ALL transformation?
6. What are dimension and facts, How you are loading dimension and facts in your DW?
7. How you are performing Incremental load in your database?
8. What is SCD and it types, which SCD Type you are applying in your DW?
9. Can you call temp tables in your SSIS Package? If yes then how?
10. What's the most complex thing which you have faced in SSIS?
11. Different type of errors in SSIS, Error Handling in SSIS?
12. Break points in SSIS?
13. Check points in SSIS?
14. Event handler and its usage in SSIS?
15. How you are deploying your package in SSIS?
16. Project Deployment in SSIS? 
17. Blocking, Semi blocking and non-blocking transformations in SSIS?
18. SCD transformation brief explanation?
19. Term extraction transformation in SSIS?
20. Isolation properties. Default Isolation property in SSIS?
21. Derived column with an example?
22. Type of Enumerator in for each with an example?
23. Difference between For and for each in SSIS?
24. Character map transformation and its usage?
25. Transactions in SSIS?
26. How to schedule a SSIS package on daily basis?
27. Type of configuration and its usage in SSIS?
28. Environmental variable in SSIS?
29. How to load multiple sheets in a single destination and then moving it to Achieve folder?
30. Calling child package in Parent Package, how to use Parent package variable in child package?
31. Difference between lookup and merge join transformation?
32. When you have used script task in your SSIS Package?

There are lots of other questions also that an Interviewer can ask these are just the common question in most of the companies.Hope these questions will help you out.All the best. 

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